Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Need-to-Knows of Workers Compensation

Some of the workplaces are hazardous and the employees are at risk of getting injured. In this case, employers are required to provide prompt medical assistance that may include the following:

• Emergency health care

• Temporary or permanent disability benefits

• Vocational rehabilitation or supplemental job displacement benefit

• Death benefits in the case of sudden death of an employee at the work place.

If an employee is injured at the work site, the employer can choose the medical physician who would provide immediate medical help for the injured. Generally, companies tie up with some medical professionals' network for these kinds of situations. After a period of one month, the employee can choose a physician on his own.

The workers, who are injured, would be monitored by the claims administrator, physician as well as the employer. The doctor needs to certify when the employee is fit to get back to work. Until then, the employer cannot force the injured employee to get back to daily work routine. In addition, if the employees quickly get back to their routine, significant income is not deducted from the salary.

Sometimes, the employee is allowed to come back to work under certain restrictions due to their current state of health. In that case, the employer should be willing to accommodate these restrictions in order to allow the employee to work.

Similarly, if the employee is not able to carry out the same responsibilities that he was performing before his injury on-site, the employer is persuaded to give the employee supplemental job displacement benefits in which the employer alters the scope of work in order to accommodate the medical restrictions faced by the employee.


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