Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How On Hold Marketing Messages can help your business

Most people agree that silence is not what their customers should listen to on hold. But if that’s
where your on-hold strategy ends, your business is missing out on a huge opportunity. On-hold
marketing messages
are the most cost-effective tool in your advertising arsenal. And with a little
planning and creativity, you can speak to your callers—your captive audience—in a way that’s as
effective as it is affordable.
Because many businesses are hesitant to admit that they sometimes have to place customers
on hold, on-hold messaging has a negative connotation. Consider this: if you prefer not to put
customers on hold, what could your business gain by improving customers’ on-hold experience?
You could rely on a more generic message, such as "Thank you for your patience. Your call is
important to us. Someone will be with you right away."
Or, you could use your customers’ time on-hold to give them valuable information they need to
know. Almost every business can benefit from on-hold messages, even if the message
campaign is not based on selling information. Because the caller has already contacted you,
they’ve demonstrated their interest in your services. You don’t have to “sell” them on the
benefits of the company they've called, and can use that opportunity to share valuable tips,
inform them of new products and services and more.
On-hold messages can focus on customer service topics, or even facts and statistics that are
entertaining and informative. Remember that you have a captive—and usually agreeable—
audience. With that in mind, the on-hold opportunities are as diverse as your clientele is large.
The Top 5 On-Hold Messaging Secrets
You have America’s largest captive audience…they’re on hold, they’re listening!
You have a targeted demographic and can be assured that virtually every person
placed on hold is someone you want to talk to.
Direct mail gets ignored and radio and TV ads go out to thousands of people who may never have a need for your service.
You can promote specials easily. Try using a feature like “When we return to the
line, ask us about our (discount on tire rotation and oil changes). You’ll be surprised
by how many people are listening!
Contact American On Hold today, so you can entertain potential and existing clients while you educate them on your
company. Promote the “I didn’t know you did that!” aspects of your business. Up-sell!

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